Why does my dog play in her water bowl?

I got my Bichon Bella a little over a month ago. As soon as we got her she started playing in her water bowl then drinking it off the floor. She puts her paws in the water and started splashing it on the floor. I tried switching bowls but she still does it. What can I do, it’s a mess!
I do give her a pool to play in, but she like her bowl better.

 Why does my dog play in her water bowl?

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7 Responses to “Why does my dog play in her water bowl?”

  1. en la busca de Gloria Says:

    a lot of dogs enjoy the texture of water. it cools them off in the summer months and it’s like a toy for them. i used to have a black lab who would drink out of a ten gallon bucket and would step in with his front paws, after a while of watching him do this my cocker spaniel fancy would try to mimmick him. it is always good to have a rubber place mat under the food and water source. this will keep it a bit cleaner, but she will still track the water throughout the house. there is nothing you can really do to stop this habit, though bichons are not water dogs all dogs come with habits and personality traits just like humans.

    look at it this way, at least it’s water she is tracking around and not red wine on your carpet. =0) she may not do this as the weather gets cooler.

  2. Sawyer D Says:

    She pry just like the water. try to put a small pool in your basck yard that she can swim in. nad train her not to play in the waterbowl

  3. secretgirl Says:

    haha!! omg that’s what my pom does time to time as well=] it’s rly natural for dogs actually they just want to play. take her outside or play w/ her once in a while=] what i do to punish her is when she does that i take her water bowl away and when she becomes thirsty (like after she eats and pees/poops) i take the water bowl out and let her drink from it. i know its bad cause it makes her thirsty but when she’s rly thirsty she’ll bark for no reason. when she does that you’l know that shes thirsty. i kept doing this and she eventualyl stopped. make sure u dont put so much water in the bowl at once. i hope this’ll work!!

  4. azaxel1 Says:

    Get her a baby pool to play in and a heavier drinking bowl she can’t tip over. After a while she’ll figure out the pool if for play and the bowl is for drinking.

  5. Yo-Nathan Says:

    Cause its summer and its hot

  6. crazycaligal Says:

    LOL My Pomeranian does that to this day. I don’t know why they do that but boy they sure seem to enjoy doing it. My dog loves the water, I got her a small kiddie pool and she jumps in and could stay there the whole day. I suggest you train your dog to only drink water from the bowl, what ever techniques you can come up with would work. I used to take her out of the bowl and keep holding her paws to keep her from putting them back in the bowl. What ever works for you and your doggie. Good Luck.

  7. jfeliciano101 Says:

    my dog used to play with his water bowl too when we are outside. i guess it was the sun or something so i had to keep bringing his bowl inside to refill it so I got him a little pool and now hes happy. but he does it inside now and it gets on my nerves because you have to keep cleaning up the water on the floor

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