If my dog or cat drinks the blue toilet bowl water will it hurt them?

Ok, I put that blue tablet in the back of the toilet to keep the toilet clean, now I have yet to see my cat drink the toilet bowl water and my dog is too small to reach it, but JUST IN CASE my cat decides one day to drink it, would it hurt her? I have kids that leave the toilet bowl seat open and available. I’m thinking of taking the blue tablet out.

 If my dog or cat drinks the blue toilet bowl water will it hurt them?

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21 Responses to “If my dog or cat drinks the blue toilet bowl water will it hurt them?”

  1. Andria S Says:

    OMG take it out my cat drank out of the bowl when I did that. She didnt die but got VERY sick. Id take it out .

  2. Becky R Says:

    It really depends though.
    It could just make them sick..
    But if they came in contact with the tablet directly, it could harm them.

  3. COOLJOHN Says:

    yes, it can hurt them

  4. morgan Says:

    Ok, those things clearly state on the package that you are to immediately wash your hands after handling them. That and they contain bleach. You do the math.

  5. Jesse E Says:

    It certainly won’t do them any good but, unless they drink a lot, it will probably not be any big tragedy.

  6. Ah Que Picarona! Says:

    If it hurts you then it probably hurts your pets too.

  7. bozobaggins Says:

    id imagine it could kill them easily, or verry sick

  8. Spoony Says:

    Yes. Don’t let it happen.

  9. Ula Says:

    If you still have it, read the back of the box. I’m pretty sure the dyes and chemicals can hurt your cat!

  10. golioths caretaker Says:

    Yep. The chemicals in it will hurt them. You wouldn’t want your kids drinking the water right? Same thing applies to animals.

  11. The Logan Says:

    check your pet’s mouth for redness, swelling or irritation etc. Furthermore call the vet for any other symptoms

  12. Jan Says:

    Depending on how much it drinks it could make him sick.

  13. Matt Says:

    Seriously yes it will at best make them sick.

  14. SAK Says:

    Yes, it is harmful-so please remove it, and keep clear water in the toilet. Either that, or have everyone in your household, and guests, learn that they MUST put the toilet seat lid down every time they are done. No two ways about it. Take care.

  15. BooKoo Says:

    yes it will..

    would get a water dish which now days you can get the ones that are fresh flow ones. and it is alway fresh water for your dog and cat. place it in the bathroom and make sure that your toliet lid is down so they now know that they cant drink from the toliet bowl.

    hopefully that helps.

  16. RoVale Says:

    Yes, it will make them sick. Those tablets have bleach in them and that’s poisonous. The instructions on the packets say not to handle them with bare hands. Imagine how much worse it will be to drink the water they have been sitting in.

  17. deirdrefaith Says:

    THat blue junk will actually eventually clog your toilet. it took yrs. but it did ours/
    and yes, i believe it could hurt your pet. it’s all junk that blue stuff.
    either stop using it, or put the toilet seat down

    I would worry that it could cause harm to their kidneys and more.

  18. Katprsn Says:

    Yes I would take the tablet out it is ful of nasty chemicals to keep the toilet clean, read the back of the box and it will tell you the chemicals that are in it that are toxic to your cat. TAKE IT OUT!!!

  19. kill_yr_television Says:

    Why take that chance? A weekly treatment with a Sno-Bowl type liquid will keep the inside of the bowl sparkling. But why are you keeping the toilet lid open anyhow? No matter how sparkling blue that water is, the inside of a toilet is not an attractive vista and you could easily drop something into that open bowl. Like an umbrella or a brain, the toilet lid only works if you USE it.

    If you can’t discipline your children to keep a small rule like "toilet lid remains close when not in use" then you are turning the insane asylum over the the inmates. You are the captain of the household and must assume command! How dare they flout your wishes, especially where the safety of other family members (the pets) is concerned. If you can’t isolate a particular culprit, then withdraw priviliges from everyone for the day. It will teach them to be resonsible for each other and keep each other in line.

  20. sheralyn h Says:

    yes it can hurt them tell everyone in ur house to close the lid do u want those babies to die? no? then please take the right steps!!

  21. olympics junkie Says:

    Several choices here.

    1. remove tablet
    2. keep the lid down, leave the tablet
    3. keep door closed

    All will be efffective if followed through with faithfully.

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